Schooling Snejbjerg’s ass

May 22, 2008

The site is nearing completion, and I’m actually finding time off here and there to get some drawing done. Well, that is, if my publisher didn’t push small jobs my way, like helping Peter Snejbjerg’s debut Hypernauten see reprint. I’ve been obstructing their work on the 2nd edition for weeks, so Torben must have figured the only way to get me out of their hair was to let me in on the project.

My job has been setting up files for print, as well as giving the odd advice or pointed hint concerning the books look. A major pleasure was schooling Peter on cover composition. Everybody should have the chance once in their life to deprecate the people they looked up to iin their youth. In the end, both Peter’s and my ideas for cover images were scrapped, but he drew a new original from a hastily scribbled sketch I made …. which is sadly included in the book, too. Peter gets the last laugh, I suppose 😉

Im’ no sore loser, though … Below are both images, for your viewing pleasure 😉


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