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Minor bumps on the way

May 19, 2008

There have been some setbacks in getting the site online, lately. Most importantly, a bad setting in one plugin has got me locked out from the dashboard, which puts me in the category “Shouldn’t be allowed near WP installs” 😦

On a less pressing note, I’m getting annoyed with w.bloggar for not having automatic paragraph formatting. I press enter, I want a god damn paragraph, mmkay? Not some weak ass line break, a frigging paragraph!
What’s that? Push ctrl-shift-w? What kind of shortcut is that? Any combination of more than two keys is a detour, not a shortcut.

Okay sure, it’s a small thing, but one that really gets on my nerves. I’d think that was somehow cofigurable, but no. Seems I’ll be checking out ecto next. If it has won the hearts of the Mac people, I’m sure I could warm to it 🙂


Online offline – the magic of web productivity tools

May 19, 2008

Yup, you may have noticed that all of a sudden I’m flooding the blog with posts after a, shall we say, meager period in the update department. The reason is that I have started dappling with offline blog editors, meaninng I can blog ahoy while commuting between Malmö and Copenhagen. First application up for trial is the w.bloggar editor, which seems to run smoothly enough – that is, if this sees print (screen?)
If this works out well, I’ll most likely stick with w.b; otherwise ecto, lipidr, and a host of others are lined up to take its place. Consider this a fair warning, little software 😉


Flock on!

April 25, 2008

:p Whatta dumb headline!
Well, I’m testing the Flock browser, specifically the onboard blog editor – literally, as I write this.

Overall, Flock seems pretty cool, based as it is on Firefox, only integrating certain add-ons as core elements. With Flock comes the power to blog anything, directly through the browser interface; being constantly connected to friends and (more likely) virtual acquaintances through the most popular networking services; following their online movements (!) using services like me.dium

While I’m sure some people need instant connectivity to all and any web2.0 service, I would really, really like the ability to turn some of them off in Flock. Like, say, Facebook, YouTube, any ‘media sharing’-services, and the blogging providers I don’t use …

Call me picky, but does anybody have simultaneous Blogger, Blogsome, Live Journal, TypePad, WordPress and Xanga accounts?! Other than the bloggers who, goldfish-like, refuse to learn from the first dotcom bubble and imagine they will become millionaires overnight, just by posting 24/7 about some cleverly angled personal fascination? Sorry, I’m a couple years too old to fit that bill. So, sadly, are some of the aforementioned.

But other than the beautyspot of lacking a customizable interface, Flock is growing nicely on me. Not all the possibilities for extending myself onto the web are superfluous annoyances. Some I’d never heard of, others are being reconsidered now that I have them collected right here in my browser.

<sore conscience>Trouble is, although I am doing this to make my (still under reconstruction) website more interesting and extrovert, the research is taking time I could spend rebuilding it.</sore conscience>

Let’s set a date then, shall we? A deadline of sorts. The grand opening of the newly improved is to be taking place two weeks from now. It’ll be really nice and quiet, since nobody reads this, but what the hell … See ya there!

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You gotta laugh …?

March 25, 2008

Well,  you have to try, anyways. The site transfer went through today, but it seems I uploaded a bad database or something. Meaning? As far as I can estimate, I have to build the durn thing again from scratch. Read the rest of this entry ?


Hello world!

February 17, 2008

This will be my refuge (and yours) while my main site is caught in Limbo between two servers. Just as I am pushing the siteware on the regular Spider-Howl site, so will I be exploring this WordPressthingamajic to fit my purposes – expect things to change around here as I go along.

I won’t tire you with long welcomes or introductions; most of my info is up at the “old”, rather more comprehensive site. Do look in to see what’s been up ’til now, but check back here for news. Also, if you’re in the mood to be annoyed by irrelevant (and propably irrevelatory) comments, follow me on Twitter. Be forewarned, though, I can be a real pain.